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Since May 1st 2015, Brenntag has been appointed as the authorized distributor of ExxonMobil Lubricant (excluding domestic marine) for the Vietnam market, covering from South Vietnam up to and including Thanh Hoa province in North-Central parts of the country.

In order to carry the distribution business of Mobil lubricant products in Vietnam territory in the best way to serve Vietnam customers, Brenntag Pte Ltd enters into a partnership agreement with Nam Giang Commercial Service Company Ltd.

The combination of strong financial background and experience in distributing Mobil lubricant products from Brenntag and the wide distribution network in Vietnam strengthen our capacity to serve customers of Mobil lubricants in the country better.

We have won the 2017/2018 Circle of Excellence, Gold award given by ExxonMobil as the best ExxonMobil Distributor in Asia Pacific.

As an authorized distributor for ExxonMobil, we are able to recommend and supply world class lubricants that meet your needs in various business sectors including the Automotive and Industrial sectors.



With more than 150 years of expertise in lubrication, Mobil™ has the lubrication expertise and know-how to keep your operation running smoothly.
Developed with close Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) involvement, premium quality Mobil branded lubricants are engineered for excellence.

  • Comprehensively lab and field tested
  • Typically formulated to exceed industry and OEM requirements
  • Continuously improved by research to maintain leading edge performance
  • Spearheaded by an unparalleled suite of synthetic lubricants for the most demanding of applications.


As Mobil oil stockists, our purpose built depot offers a large stock of lubricant availability that enables to react quickly and efficiently to meet customers’ needs.

At Brenntag, we don’t just supply you with the right lubricant for your needs. We also offer a range of lubricant related services, including oil condition monitoring, oil storage solutions, surveys and training. This means that you can concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of your lubrication needs.

Sales and technical support
We employ a team of experienced sales and technical support people that have been trained to meet the highest standards of product knowledge and customer service. They offer solutions and ideas to solve many lubrication problems whatever the industry.


Mobil always support you and help you extract the most value out of our lubricants and your machinery. Learn how Mobil maximized yours company profit...

Mobil innovative lubricant, and specialty products and services help deliver tangible performance and sustainability-related benefits. Learn how Mobil achieve those benefits…

Safety of your workers and equipments are always your and our top concern. Using a right Lubricant is important to achieve ZERO accident. Learn how Mobil minimize your risk in your daily operation.

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Motorcycle Oils

Explore an array of engine oils that ensure protection and performance for your bike or scooter, helping achieve long engine life.

Automotive Lubricants

Mobil™ lubricants are designed to protect equipment operating under severe conditions, such as high loads and pressures, frequent starts and stops, wide operating temperature ranges and contamination.

Explore the full line of Mobil products to discover how our premier line of synthetic lubricants, including Mobil 1™ and Mobil Delvac 1™ engine oils can help you get the most out of your vehicles and equipment.

Industrial Lubricants

Mobil Industrial™ brand has been an innovator in lubrication technology and has manufactured breakthrough lubricants for industrial machinery, with in-depth industry expertise, programs, and tools to help bring customers to new heights of equipment productivity.

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